How do I use with this word?

Pleas help me to use " become and work " in two sentences:

  1. Keith joined the company 15 years ago. He was quickly promoted and became assistant manager after two years. A few years later he went on…(become) manager of the company.
  2. I can’t go on…(work) here anymore. I want a different job.

To become

“Anymore” should be one word there. The adverb is one word.

This may be a typo, but it’s “assistant.”

Thank you, Mr Mordant. Can you tell me why we use " to become " and " working " here? Two words are used after " go on". I learned about it but I don’t understand clearly. Can you tell me more?

To go on + plus infinitive means to do something eventually.
To go on + gerund means to continue doing something.

In the first, your indicator is “a few years later.” The action began afterward, so we are not looking for the “continue” meaning.

In the second, you indicator is “anymore,” which signals a stop to an action. The only meaning that makes sense is the “continue” one.

Many thanks Mordant, you helped me understand clearly.