How do I log on to the forum?

Hi, Torsten
I thought just answering the questions will log me in the forum.
I do not know how to log in the forum than,
If you can answer, I appreciate
Or if you can tell me how to log in the forum

Hello Adriana,

The webpage which takes you direct to the forum homepages can be found at

If you go to this page, you will see a log in link near the top right corner asking for your username and password.
Your username is Acbogdan.
As long as you know the password you used when you registered with, you can log in direct to the forums from there.

Dear Torsten,
Thank you for your mail and the willingness to help me overcome my difficulties in the language. I am a Nigerian, and I live in Nigeria. I am also an English Teacher, and currently undergoing a master degree programme on ESL. Though I have not taught English for a long time, I seldom have difficulties in teaching grammar effectively. I wish that you can help me overcome this problem. Sorry, I had to use this medium because I am unable to register in the Forum as you directed.

Thank you.