How do i improve my english!?

I live in austria and i go to an english school, although i’ve been going there for quite a few years now,im not satisfied with my english…so i want to ask how to just improve my writing style,and if you say that i have to read,i do,i read alot. I’ve been thinking that i might write alot of stuff wrong because i write them in german style …you know what i mean?most of the things that i write would sound to an english person as if an 8 year old would have written it.

anyways,please help me with this… :lol:

You can of course do our tests! You can also read as much as you can in particular English language newspapers. You know what are some of the international events from your own newspapers and so if you read about them in an English language paper, the subject matter will also be familiar. Try to listen to the radio and log on to this site: and click on the blue part called LISTEN LIVE and you will be able to hear talks/plays/news.

Good luck