How did you feel about the approaching TOEFL day?

I just want us to discuss the way we feel before the exam comes. What are the tips on to-do things 2 weeks before the exam? A week before? 3 days before ? A day Before? An hour before? :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,
My name is munir pasha,i am listening the voice message and practice exercises too hard.So,i am every good feel.
Thank you so much team teacher’s.Plz send more exercises and voice message. i need you’r help me.
One’s again thank’s you.
Take care
You’r lovely student munir pasha…

I feel scared …as if I’ve forgetten all about it

I am nervous… tomorow is my exam… :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure I will get about 80 points on IBT… But I want more …

done with TOEFL… brrrr… I think I will get around 60p :frowning:


Many thanks to you, Mr.Torsten, for this amazing lessons you always provide to us. This lesson really came on its time because I singed in a class to prepare for IELTS exam and I will start next week. I am done with TOEFL 5 years ago even though am not satisfied about the score, I had. I will try to take it again in the close future. Meanwhile, am sure that those lessons and exercises will help me to prepare for my IELTS exam. Thanks again.


I got 92 at TOEFL… not enough for PhD… :frowning: still, a good score… isn’t it?

Wow, congratulation Altruism. It’s really good.


Thank you, Mixmixi… still, wonder what the the scores for PhD programs…Any info?

It depends on where you want to go, I know that there are universities in the USA that even accepts the score of 80 for PhD! So, you need to search or at least tell us where are you planning to go to?


wow, this is encouraging to hear! I am not decided yet. This year I participate in the competition to get to US for a professionals exchange program in Human Resources. Will see, what will come out if it. After that will decide where to go and what to do…I would like to stady Managerial Psychology…

hi everyone
It is best effort of our english team so enjoy everyone.

i hope to write and to listen good!!!good luck!!!nikos

Need I say, I was so nervous. When the day finally came, I was baffled to see how poor the test center condition was; MONO TAPE PLAYER, a room that was off shape by which I mean there was a recess where some seats were arranged inside and it was at the far end of the room. Mind you, those who were unlucky enough to be seated in that part of the room, had no right to complain because all the rooms were full to brim. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be seated right next to the tape player. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t break from an egg(zero). :slight_smile:

Almost 5 days have remained to my exam, I am really nervous and afraid. I cannot concentrate on my study. My efficiency on answering the tests have been reduced. I even cannot think correctly. God damn this test!


LOL, you really have to relax Amir. You have more than the necessary abilities to breeze through this test.

The test is simply a measure of your ability to absorb further, more complex education.

There is no point in filling universities with people who cannot carry out the functions that the test covers.

You understand the spoken word, the written word, and have the ability to respond in an intelligent manner both vocally and in writing. That is all that is required of you.
You have all of these abilities. What is there to worry about?


:slight_smile: Thank you Bill for your encouragements. :slight_smile: I hope so. Please wish me luck. :slight_smile: Thank you again for your calmative comment.


Advice is only good if taken notice of. LOL.

A friend is someone who knows all of your faults, and is still your friend.
Put that on your wall Mix, and don’t ever forget it.