How did kings chill their drinks in olden days?


So many (and maybe immature) questions are flowing in my mind with this post that I really do not know where to start from…

In fact, I am very curious to know/ learn about certain ‘living styles’ of the kings in olden days–I mean, when there was no electricity. Let’s say four or five hundred years ago.

How did the kings who had their palaces in hot places like Lahore in Pakistan or Spain get ice or chill their drinks in the summer season? How did they arrange cold water for such large families? Did they also suffer from the same (bouts of) heat Conchita and I do? :smiley: From the movies and photos I have seen, I am convinced that their clothing was heavier than ours today. With all the embroidery and other beautifications! :o

I would very much appreciate if you could help me out with my queries or curiosities, for that matter!


Interesting topic! Apparently, in the past, ice houses, wells and pits were built for the purpose of keeping ice, which could thus be preserved for a very long time. The Romans even had snow shops! Also, winters were colder in those days and ice was easier to be had.

This quote from Wikipedia and the following links provide us with some interesting facts about those fridgeless days: (see paragraph 8 )

You’ve got to read this: … istory.htm

Oops! What have I done again? :oops: I must have accidentally deleted your post, Tom. Sorry!