How could he run while his penis was cut off?

How could he run while his pennis was cut off? Won’t he feel pain?
How should I say? I would like to express astonishment that a guy was able to do that.

You’ve probably misquoted the original first sentence (or it was already a misquote which you coped as given).
The phrase is
He was rushed to the hospital (which means he was taken in a vehicle in a hurry (probably an ambulance))

You cannot use 'How should I say? as a sentence. In the examples discussed earlier, the phrase is used with the saying:
'How should I say “…”
In this case, you need:
How should I say it? I would like to…
How should I express astonishment that…

How could he run just after his penis was cut off?

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  1. How should I say I am happy?
  2. How should I say I was happy?
    Are both correct?
    Which one is correct?

Both are correct.

  1. indicates that you are happy now.
  2. indicates that you were happy at the time you were discussing.
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