How can we apply lexical bundles in esl teaching?

I don’t know what
I don’t why

i don’t thinks so
Do you wnat to
Do you want a

The above are some of the exampls of lexical bundles, and what can we apply these new concept in esl teaching?


It is mostly a matter of making the students aware of the abundance of lexical bundles-- word groups-- in the language, and that it is to their advantage to consider such groupings as a unit. In my classes, the topic arises when I am pointing out natural pronunciation rhythms. When a student stumbles across such a word group, I just take a moment to help them with the flow, and give them a brief opportunity to throw it into various contexts–

[i]Do you want a sandwich
Do you wanna lesson
Do you wanna pizza…

…Do you want to dance
Do you wanna finish early–[/i]

before moving on with whatever we were doing in the class.

Instead of teaching/learning only single words, you can also teach/learn bundles as part of “vocabulary” development.

These are very common, for example, but I don’t know many students who could produce them so easily - especially students who have been taught only through word-by-word sentence building and vocabulary learning methods:

all of a sudden
all at once
all over the place
and all the rest