How can the learner benefit from conversation lessons?

Hi Teachers,

In our curriculum of Teaching English in Saudi Arabia ,there are conversation lessons in each unit but the learners find them difficult although we have cassettes and define the difficult vocabulary through pictures etc .

What are the most sufficient methods of teaching conversation lessons for Esl`s and especially for beginners ? Can you share me your experiences , please?

Hi Najlaa

Conversation lessons are quite problematic for beginners as they need to have built a vocabulary base or some understanding before they can have conversations.

MY suggestion would be to set up a controlled environment before the conversation. This can be done by giving homework on the theme before hand, or a mini task.

A good one is a survey, for example a list of Did you …… questions.

If dealing with themes keep them light and not too political. Such as hobbies.

How do the lessons deal with fluency versus accuracy?

Also the groups or leader of the conversation should not have high expectations in regards to the above. Recording them might also be a good idea.


Hi Stew,

Thanks for useful suggestions which i really like.

My regards,