How can I write the job responsibilities?

Is this correct writing for the job responsibilities:

  1. Research for assigned project and report the progress to superior.
  2. Advise about general IP (Intellectual Properties) and procedure to the University staff.
  3. Contact researcher/lecturer to protect IP right.
  4. Patent database search to analyse novelty and inventive step of invention
  5. Draft detail description and claim.
  6. Prepare patent and copyright application and relating document.
  7. File patent and copyright application
  8. Monitoring patent application status
  9. Collect/provide data and update the office’s IP database
  10. Analyse research project proposal about IP
  11. Monitoring and evaluating the progress of research projects to protect IP right
  12. Contact researcher to provede the IP application
  13. Contact/coordinate/follow up about technology transfer/licensing of the agency


General Responsebilities

  1. Punctuality

  2. Patience & Tolerance to finish the project

  3. Time Management

  4. Motivation & Hard work

  5. Reaching our target/above the target.

  6. Co-operation with Colleagues

  7. Self-Confidence

  8. Respect to the Higher Authorities.

  9. Giving Good ideas for development.

  10. Not revealing Business Secrets to the Competitors.

Thank you


I think Risaza’s list is more representative of “job responsibilities”. Shanthi’s is more a list of desired employee qualities and behavior.

It is fine apart from a few minor errors. I like how you began every line with an action verb.

Hi Mr.Luschen Sir,

What I mentioned above are one kind of responsibilities to the Employee when he takes
responsibility to the post which he holds, it is only general responsibilities, it is not a list
of disired Employee qualities & behavior.

When an Employee takes responsibilities of the organization as a Clerk, Manager, Officer,
he has to be punctual to the office, that is the main duty/responsibility.

2.Patience & Tolerance to the project: He has got a responsibility to finish the project
without considering the difficulties whatever comes.

  1. Time Management: He has to finish the project within stipulated time without fail.

  2. Motivation & Hard work: When the employee is working as Manager/Officer, he has
    to motivate the subordinates and make them to work hard to get the work done.

  3. Reaching the target/above: Reaching the target is not a simple job, for that he
    has to take necessary actions/responsibilities to reach the target and he may reach Excel level, it depends on his management/talent.

  4. Co-operation with Colleagues: When he takes a big responsibility to finish the task,he has to co-operate with Colleagues.
    7.Self-Confidence: When he takes any job responsibility, he should have 100% self-confidence on his work assigned to him.

8.Respect to the Higher Authorities: He has to please all higher Authorities for getting
permission to do the job, if he doesn’t behave well, he will not be promoted to the higher level.

  1. Giving Good ideas for Development: Giving good ideas/feed back to the Management will lead him to higher level, his responsibility will be praised by the Management, he may get more responsibilities.
  2. Not-revealing Business Secrets to the Competitors: He has got the responsibility
    to not leak the secrets of the business under any circumstances to the Competitors,
    to get orders/sales.

Please don’t criticize myself, if my opinions are wrong in your angle.

Thank you


Hi, I did not mean to criticize you. Your list was very good. I was just saying that “job responsibilities” are usually more specific. I now see that your list was “general responsibilities”.

Thanks a lot. I’m going to practice really hard.

Job descriptions are essential. The process of writing job descriptions is actually quite easy and straight-forward. Many people tend to start off with a list of 20-30 tasks, which is okay as a start, but this needs refining to far fewer points, around 8-12 is the ideal.