How can I use make or made to describe things

Hello everyone,

I have one question about the verb MAKE… I would like to know which preposition comes after this verb. My question is about describe things, like which kind of material it is made or produced. Example:

Pipe made with fiberglass…Is it correct if I say made with? What is the best away to describe material of things?

Thanks a lot.

i think the preposition ‘‘of’’ is the one you can say the pipe is made of fiberglass … made-8018/

Made with (ingredients, parts, methods, procedures, feeling …etc used to make an object)
Made of (the structure or material of the object)
Made out of (The ingredients or parts used to form the object)
Made in (place, machine where/in which an object is made)
Made under (situation, conditions under which an object is made)
Made for (reason, person an object for which an object is made)
Made to (reason for making an object, specification to which an object is made)

Just some examples …

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