How can I prepare for the SAT exam?

Hey how are you all doing? Well I jsut got my scres back from the May SAT and they were alright, but I really want to do better, I got a Critical Reading 530, Math 490, and Writing 520. SO i really want to improve, since i barely even reviewed for this test, especially since my junior year was driving my nuts.

Right now I own the College Board SAT Prep Book, and the Kaplan Math Prep for SAT and I jsut got some programs for my TI-89. That Kaplan book I didnt really like since it really didnt teach me anything, just gave me problems. I was thinking of getting the Barrons SAT Math book and also found SAT secrets book online, and was thinking if anyone had used that book. Also found this website which promises to raise you score and lastly thelazystudentway that also promises to raise your score.

I know that the best review test are the ones from CB because they are the real ones, but was reading all these websites about people that got 99th Precentile and prmise to give you secrets to help you raise yur socre, and I was wondering if anyone had tried them out or not. Any advice greatly appreciated.