How can I motivate my sister and nephew to learn English?

Dear friends! I have a problem! The matter is that my nephew doesn’t want to learn English. He is a 10 years old. I tryed to explain him that English is very important language, but he didnt want to listen to me. He prefers to play football. Help me please. What way can I assure him? I am very upset.
Many thanks for your advice.
Pressman :shock:

Hi Pressman,

Without knowing what sort of person your nephew is, it is impossible to give you an exact answer. If he is interested in football, you have a way in here by showing him books in English about football or footballers - books that have a lot of pictures perhaps. The other way to introduce him to English is through pop songs, many of which are sung in English. Whatever you do, don’t force him to learn English because he will never want to learn it.

Good luck


After I saw your problem I sing in this forum .

let’s explain the useful of this language upon the hobbies of your nephew.

Attemp to tell your nephew by learning english he will mor enjoy on following the matches of popular player’s .

I applied the same sollution to my sister but she doesn’t even think about learning english
you know, he likes singing but when I make her listen to some english songs, she doesn’t care about that
she said that english isn’t nescesary so what I must do ?

Hi Luvma1s,

Maybe you should keep asking your sister questions such as ‘What are you going to study?’, ‘What are your goals in life?’ Whatever her answers are - it’s very likely that she will need English in some way or another in order to achieve her goals. It’s very important, though, to let her make her own decisions. She has to come up with her own answers. If you tell she should learn English because it’s good for her she won’t do it of course…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I am sorry Torsten, but I am sure your questions are difficult for young girl. I am afraid this conversation will be a bit boring for child.
Trminator :evil: