How can I make an adjective clause?

Hi all,

I want to make an adjective clause with this word-mah jongg which meaning I couldn’t find, but I know it’s a game.Also, with word unicorn,I know its meaning (animal) but I can’t make good adjective clause.Help me, please.

Thanks in advance

I think you mean adjective phrase but I am not sure what you want to do.
Do you want to make adjective phrases that will modify the nouns mahjong and unicorn, or do you want to make adjective phrases that contain those words within the adjective phrases?

Even though the word you used, with, suggests the second, I am not sure. What do you want to do?

HI canadian45,

I must write sentences with adjective clause (restrictive) and I must use these words mah-jongg in one sentence, unicorn in the other.For example, a fortune teller is a person who can see into the future.

Mah-jongg is a game which…( I don’t know this game,its features,how people play it)

I hope you will understand my explanation.

A fortune teller is a person who can see into the future.
Mah-jongg is a game that is very popular in Japan.
A unicorn is a mythical horse that has a single horn in the middle of its forehead.
A restrictive adjective clause is a dependent clause which modifies and identifies its noun referent.


HI Mister Micawber!

Thanks for your help! :smiley:

hi medeya2012

1…I am sorry I misunderstood your question. Even though you said ‘‘clause’’, something about the way I interpreted your question made me think phrase.

2…I have a better sentence about fortune tellers.
A fortune teller is a person who takes money from gullible people by claiming fortune tellers can see into the future. :wink:

3…gullible also gullable, adj; easily duped or cheated

HI canadian45,it’s ok,don’t worry about it,no need for apology.

Thanks for such an exact found sentence. Also,is my sentense right?

Your sentence is grammatically correct; it’s a good sentence. I just changed it because I wanted to criticize fortune tellers. I wasn’t criticizing your English.
Sorry for the confusion.

Oh canadian45 you didn’t understand my question again :frowning:
I asked you about this sentence :Thanks for such an exact found sentence??? Is this sentence right?

Also, if you criticize me, I will just be happy,really, I’m here to improve my English, and it’s great when someone want to help me,thanks a lot. :smiley: You can criticize me always, let’s be friends. :wink:

hihihihi canadian45, I have understood your joke :smiley: It’s good that you criticize fortune tellers :smiley: Why did you think that I don’t understand your joke?

Also, which of these two variants right?: You can criticize me always or you may criticize me always???

Hi medeya2012

How about these sentences:

  • You can always criticize me.
  • You can criticize me anytime.

You may also use may. It just sounds a bit more formal than can. :wink:


Hi Amy,thanks for explanation, I understood :smiley:

Yes your varinat with " anytime" is better :smiley: Thanks, I was looking for that word-anytime, but then I couldn’t remember it :oops:

hi medeya2012

“Thanks for such an exact found sentence.” is not a good sentence. Why did you use the word found ? What is found supposed to mean in that sentence?

“Thanks for such an exact sentence.” is a much better sentence.

HI canadian45, ok.I understand “found” is unnecessary here :smiley: I agree with you.