How can I learn English?

I have some questions. Could you help me ?
My English is not speak well, how can I improve it?
My grammar is also not very well, how can I improve it?

Thank you~
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Have you ever looked at a baby mimicing others’ acts and behaviors? Just look (read) English books, English CDs for beginners, which are so available in market. Diligence and persistence are required.

I suppose you’d better learn how to discipline yourself first.


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Well, there are four important areas that you need
to consider when learning any new language, namely:

1.) Reading
2.) Writing
3.) Listening
4.) Speaking

You can improve your reading skills by, like what the_optimist said, reading books, magazines and other reading materials. It is important that you understand what you are reading. If you find some words, phrases or expressions that you don’t understand, write it in a piece of paper. You can then consult your English dictionary for the meaning of these words. If you can’t find the answer in your dictionary, you can post a question somewhere in this

You can develop your writing skills by taking grammar lessons or you can begin here:

Your listening ability can be improved by listening English radio or tv program. You can also watch English movie in DVD format. Be sure to set the subtitle to English (and not Mandarin or Foukien). DVD subtitles can be set in the Language menu.

And finally, you can harness your English speaking skills by speaking English everyday. This old cliche is still true: Constant practice makes one perfect.

And talking about practice, you can practice your English skills by taking the tests here:

Good luck and just keep going. Success is not too far.