How can I learn English fast?


I’ve been reading all kinds of posts and so I decided to write something,too.I’m kind of dissapointed by my english.After two years in the United States I feel like I haven’t learned much,I mean,I improved a lot since I left high school,but compared to what I read on these forums from all of you, I am ashamed.My english is very poor and it’s very sad,because I like english and I have been studying for long long time.So,I was wondering how you started,if you studied in England or you just have better schools in your country…or you just study a lot?You all seem very advanced.I took some tests to find out my level of english,most of them about 70-80%,but If I had to pick a topic and talk about it,I would most likely fail.I’d like to improve,but not from books-from real life.Is there anybody who feels the same way?

thank you Dolly

oh, I think I am like you … I can do the test well but I don’t think I am really good at English, because there are still too many things for me to learn.

I think that it’s a problem for everybody wh learn English as a second or third language. It’s not impossible to know English as a native one and there’re a lot of things to learn for a great number of people. So, I think that’s normal that one doesn’t know some things…