How can I improve my spelling skills?

I have a terrible problem with my spelling!
I study the words, write them,read them, repeat them (although not the meaning is difficult to remember) and I still make a lot of mistakes. We don’t have many dictations at class so I find it hard to realize the problem words. There is no one at home who can dictate for me.
Can you give me any advice? The more effective the better.


One of the things that improved my spelling was to work crossword puzzles. It also really improves your vocabulary!


can someone help me please :frowning: how can I improve my spellings?

Try to familiarize in words that complicate you most. And always bring a dictionary in here you can see the right spelling meaning and pronunciation.

There are many ways to improve your spelling. The first is to recognise English spelling is horrible, the second is to see spelling as part of the written language not the spoken language - that’s where most people go wrong. It’s a complex area, but here are some tips:

try to see words go to this site for help [url][/url]
don’t do too much all at once, focus on a few words at a time.
test yourself regularly
hangman is a good activity: if you play it intelligently - think about which letters you start with (the vowels) think about likely letter combinations (tion, ture etc)
Read lots and lots - if you do this, you learn to see what is right and what is wrong without thinking

If you’re interested, I am putting together a list of activities (mostly aimed at teachers) which you can find here: