How can I improve my language skills?


   I am an English teacher ,but I am not a native speaker .My first language is Arabic ,  So can you help me 

I will apply in a language school next Saturday and the school principle will examine me and I think the exam will be not easy because it’s a big school my question is what kind of exam they will give me and how can I improve my language before going there.

Hello, Egyptian - and welcome to English-test.

I’m afraid that we cannot know what kind of test the language school will give you, but I suspect that the written test will probably be a series of sentences to correct, or sentences with multiple-choice answers, that cover a range of problematic grammar points and vocabulary. For that, you need to review your basic grammar and structure with especial attention the points that are most often misused by EFL students there.

And of course, you will also have an interview which will display your use of the spoken language. There is no good way to prepare for that with such short notice.

Thanks for your help
i’ll try to test my self alot before going and revise the grammitical structure

I HAVE a question do you think they wiil give me TOEFL test?
thank you again

I think that is too long to administer to an applicant, but the questions may be similar.