How can I get my goal as fast as possible!

[b]Hi evreybody :smiley: ,
I just want to ask: How can I get my goal [color=red]as fast as possible :?:
OH :!: I’m sorry :oops:

And is fluent [color=blue]-in western opinion- means speaking as fast as possible or speaking informal or what :?:

CONCRETE MAN :wink: [/b]

Hi Concrete Man,

You can learn to speak English fluently if you start surrounding yourself with spoken English. How much time do you spend listening to English audio media every day? Most people think they can learn to speak English by speaking much. That’s only half the truth because when you try to speak without knowing enough correct phrases, you are bound to come up with your own English phrases which often don’t sound very English.

Please let me know what you think.

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Actually I listen to English audio media two times a week.
Frankly I feel some confusion :? when I listen to British then at American , but I always try to make this confusion in control.
In addition to that sometimes these audio media seems boring.

In any case I need your help to make me speak English fluently in 2 months at most.


Hi Concrete Man,

I think it’s important for you to find audio resources you really enjoy listening to. If you listen to boring audio media, it will be difficult for you to stay motivated and keep learning. So maybe you should start by creating a list with all the subjects you are interested in. Once you have your list you can then find audio resources related to your topics of interest. It is vital for you to listen to English audio recordings every single day. Learning a language is like playing a sport. If you want to become a professional football player, how often do you think you need to practice? Once or twice a week or several times a day?

By the way, you might want to read the 30/30 challenge and follow the instructions.

Let me know what you think.

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