How can i be a good command over ARTICLES

Hello sir,

I want to learn English grammer. pls advice me the sutiable techinique to get good command over … writing and speaking… !

Deependra lal karn

In my opinion, firstly, you should determine why you want to learn English. There are many ways helping you to learn English. Typically in speaking, you have to take every chance to practise speaking with native speakers. In writing, try your best to read and write as much as possible. To do so, grammar and vocabulary are required.

I think Wanderer is correct.If you want to become a better speaker you should speak as much as possible.If you want to become better at reading than you should read a lot.

There are many ways to improve your English but it depends on your personality and situation. Everyone has different study/learning styles so in my opinion the most important thing is that you have fun and stay motivated. Don’t get frustrated, don’t worry about mistakes, communication is the key, keep practicing and you WILL get better.

thanks Mr wanderer and Mr Boke for giving me a sutiable advice. but i would like to confirm one more thing… Does Online chating (Voice chating ) help me to improve my communication skills …If yes, than how can i improve my writing skills without helping teachers. can i take help of english books… !!