"How are you?" "I am good."


Could you please tell me how the given sentence sounds in response to a question How are you?

[size=150][color=red]I am good.[/size]

Do you find it OK?


Hi Tom,

I wouldn’t use good myself in this context and would probably say: I’m fine/very well, thank you. But that is purely my personal choice and the answer I’m good is used a great deal nowadays and is thus quite acceptable.


Hi Tom

I once had a boyfriend who liked to answer “How are you?” with “Finer than frog hair.”
(He was from Oklahoma. ;))

But, taking your sentence literally, nobody would say “I am good.” As Alan mentioned, you could say “I’m good.” (i.e., contraction required) Or you could even just say “Good.


Hi Tom,

As Alan and Amy said, I’m good is used more than I am good. The old argument is you are supposed to say I’m well, but where I’m from, I’m good is usually acceptable. However, having once worked in the corporate office of a bank, I’m (doing) well is more appropriate in professional situations.
It is a little more complicated than this, but I think these are safe rules:

I’m good is ok in casual situations.
I’m (doing) well is preferable in formal situations.

Perhaps this is redundant, but I figured it would be more input for you.


Despite how often it’s used now, I still understand “I’m good,” as meaning, “I don’t misbehave.” I also understand, “I’m well,” or, “I’m very well,” as meaning, “I’m not sick.”

I’d use, “I’m fine,” or, “I’m doing well,” or, “I’m doing okay,” (which is more slangy). People also sometimes say, “I can’t complain.”