How about a limerick?


How about a limerick?

This is the only one I know:

There was a young fellow called Paul
who grew so exceedingly tall
that, lying in bed
he could stretch out his leg
and turn out the light in the hall

Pathetic really but it just appeals to me.


Hi Alan

Thank you for your topic, now I know a bit more about the genre and its history.

There was a Young Lady of Dorking,
Who bought a large bonnet for walking;
But its colour and size,
So bedazzled her eyes,
That she very soon went back to Dorking.



There is a young lady called Yankee
Who claims that my views are quite mankee
She reckons I hate all Am- e
But that’s not true at all Am-ee
Now me left in tears with a hankee


Now it’s my go! :smiley:

There was a young man from Darjeeling,
who travelled by bus into Ealing.
A man near the door
said, “Don’t sit on the floor!”
So he carefully sat on the ceiling.


There was a young man,Spencer,
the ever known best Irish-dancer,
the cleverest,smartassT
when he filled a smart-test,
he always knew the answer.

HI, I think my turn now:

There Was a strong neighbor and he lives near from me

He want to took a part of my house.

and he works for that

when I tried outside him , from my house

everybody said to me : you are terrorist…

this is my limerick :?: