Hope, Am Into A Good GRE Forum

This is the second time iam posting the same question bcoz no one gave reply to my question till now though it was posted long back.But without loosing any hope iam agiain posting the same,hoping this time i wl definately get answer for my question/ else friends tell me if my question is improper.


I have given my GRE on 10th july. iam from EEE.
My GRE score is 1270(ver-540,quant-730).
plz tell me whether this is a good score?
will it be easy for me to shift my group in MS? if not, wat r the best options in MS for EEE.
Plz also tell me, In which universities can i apply with my present score? Will i b able to get any aids/scholarships?

Hope u wl help me soon, iam in a very confused state.