Thought all these words were homonyms, but I was suggested some of them were not… So now I have doubts. Could you help me, please? Here is the list.

Thx in advance :slight_smile:


In my pronunciation, these pairs are all homophones. Whether they are also homonyms depends one one’s definition of “homonym”. As explained in the Wikipedia article, in the strict sense of the word, homonyms are spelt and pronounced the same.

In certain accents, “whole” and “hole” are not exactly homophonous. It is possible that some people also pronounce “flower” and “flour” slightly differently.

‘Groan’ and ‘grown’ aren’t the same to me.
Most people around this area (but not me cos I am posh, innit?) would pronounce ‘hear’ and ‘here’ differently,
but in both cases that’s just the local dialect.

Interesting … could you describe those differences? I am especially surprised at “hear” / “here”. I can’t visualise how those could be pronounced differently.

“I is posh”, surely…

In this part of Welsh Wales, groan, moan and stone are often pronounced without the ‘w’ sound.
‘Hear’, ‘year’ and ‘ear’ are often homophonous, pronounced to rhyme with ‘whirr’… though thinking about it ‘here’ is often pronounced the same way as those. Perhaps it’s just us posh birds wot would pronounce them differently.

A recording may follow when I’m back at my desktop PC with a headset (currently using a tablet)… depending on whether or not I remember.

I balked at going as far as ‘I is posh’, but look what’s happened now you’ve encouraged me!

Oh, right, I can visualise “year” being pronounced to rhyme with “whirr” in some British accents, but I find it harder with “hear”. I think I am not very observant where accents are concerned.