Homework: Thanks to the success of his 1st album, he's now a wealthy man...

Finish each of the folllowin’ sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence below it

Thanks to the success of his 1st album, he’s now a wealthy man
-> Had…
another 2 years were to pass before he became the head of government
-> Not…
the world situation may change a lot, but our Party will steadfastly maintain the banner of socialism
-> However…
she became interested in wildlife conservation, so she joined Greenpeace
-> But…


I am very happy I don’t have English as a homework any longer.
I hope someone will help you. Not everyone gets an answer to their
questions in this forum.


Is that a request or an order? In any event, NO!

Jojo, the purpose of homework is for you to show you can use the English that has been taught in your lessons. Now, I daresay many of us could do the answers for you, but we don’t know what the teacher is asking you to practice, so do try and do it, I’m sure that if you are stuck on one and need a grammatical point explaining, as a teacher I’d be happy to help, as I’m sure other teachers would.

English at school is often very boring.
I still have my Englishbooks at home and I must say I just like and understand a few of the texts in that book.

The name of the nook is “All in One” written by Esbjörn Blohmé, Bert Konsberg, Thorild Vallinder.

Why don’t you want to help ?

When was I studying English at school I took my book to my family I stayed with during my language travel during the summer. They helped me. I hope somebody will help if you don’t want to do that.

Maria, you must be more observant.

Look at the number of posts from JoJo,… exactly!

He appears here. Has no manners. Expects someone to do his homework, and will probably only appear again next time he needs someone to do his homework.

You are a nice girl, and a regular poster. I would willingly help you, but not someone who calls in to make a convenience of me.

The same yardstick is used by me for people who appear asking their essays to be edited.


Kitosdad, do you think that i’m so lazy that i don’t do my homework? About the number of posts, do you mean that new member shouldn’t ask any question? And i don’t own a PC, so if i want to use computer of my parents, i have to be allowed and surf web only for 1 hour
i tell you that i’ve already done 8-page homework and this is a part of that homework that i really don’t know how to do. I even think that i haven’t learnt it yet.
You can help me or not, i don’t care. But it’s so impolite of you to say so.

There are more prople than you and me here. I must say it is very unusual to get an answer to one’s questions here. He is a new member here so thats why he hasn’t made so many posts yet. I have just got one essay corrected by an Englishman and it was at usenet. I made a mistake when writing to him. I was going to write " You must understand that I am Swedish and I wrote "You must understand how it is to be Swedish…

“Kitosdad, do you think that i’m so lazy that i don’t do my homework?”

JoJo, I don’t know, and I don’t really care!

When you have learned to use please as part of your request, then perhaps you may get the response that you wish for.

You were not asking a question, you were asking/demanding help.

Look at your post … would you respond to it?

Maria, it is not unusual to get a response to a question here. Why should you think that?
Look at the hundreds of posts that get responded to.
This is probably one of the better Forums for people to get help. I know, I’ve visited most of them, and I’ve yet to find a better one than this .


I have posted many questions in many parts of the forum and I have never got an answer. It’s just a few subjects which interest people. For example I have asked “Is there any hard of hearing people here” and I just got a few answers to that topic. Maybe I am the only hard of hearing person in this forum…
Thats surprise me!..

Maria, you received answers. Where is your problem?

Do you answer every question that you see posted?

I have written dozens of stories and received few comments.

I have edited dozens of essays, and only rarely receive thanks for having done so. The ones who do thank me receive priority attention. Those that don’t get ignored next time.

It’s called, good manners. Jojo has a marked shortage of them.


Now I don’t answer every question on that forum. There are too many questions for that.
But in some part of the forum noone seams to get an answer.

Maria, there only so many native speakers to attend to every post, plus the time differences mean that many hours can pass without a post even being read.

Torsten and Alan are always busy devising new ideas and implementing them.

Slava slaves away behind the scenes, and Mr.Micawber has a life to live. He can’t be here every day.

All of we others are purely volunteers and we do have our favourite subjects and threads.

Nobody pays a cent to obtain access to this Forum, and we have the ONLY recording facility on the 'net.

Just what kind of service do you expect for free?

If you want personal attention, then you will have to join a site where you pay for it.