Dear to whom may it concern,
I cannot understand the meaning of the second question and also the reply of oi?
What does it mean?
2). Are we the home team or the visitors?
The score was 4-2.
We’ll be home today. – CORRECT
Please let them in.

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Hello Mitra,

In a two sided match one team usually ‘hosts’ the match - they play at their own grounds on their ‘home’ pitch. Their opponents are visitors who have travelled to that pitch to play the match. Their home pitch is elsewhere.

Are we the home team (the team who is playing in their home grounds) or the visitors (the team which has travelled to someone else’s grounds so is playing away from home)?
We’ll be home today. = Our team are playing at home today. (Their opponents are the visitors).

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘the reply of oi’. Is there a typo?

Dear beeesneees,
Thank you very much indeed. It is a typo and I cannot edit it. Please accept my apology.