Holidays - Cliffs Beberibe, CE - Brazil

Hello Torsten, I’ve been here in Morro Branco beach on my 2010 carnival vacation.

The tourist who comes to Beberibe, city in the state of Ceará, in Brazil, 75 km away from Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, is greeted by the lush beauty of its coastline.

Whether they are by dozens of miles of sands that form multicoloured beautiful dunes or they are by the exoticism of its large vertical sandstone outcrops - the cliffs.

Falésia – Beberibe, CE - Brazil

Praia das Fontes – Beberibe, CE - Brazil

Praia das Fontes – Beberibe, CE - Brazil

In Morro Branco beach, dunes and cliffs make mazes, as a result of the action of the sea, wind and rainwater sandstone slopes, the famous ‘voçoroca’, or erosion gully effect.

According to the professor of geography Francisco José F. de Oliveira from State University Vale do Acaraú of Fortaleza, cliffs are defined as a geographical formation, characterized by abrupt encounter of the earth with the sea.

Originate from vertical cliffs that finish at sea level, cliffs are permanently subjected to its erosive action. They can sometimes, cause landslides or instability of the rock wall.

The cliffs are usually made of layered sedimentary or volcanic-sedimentary, following the shoreline.

In northeastern Brazil, the cliffs, such as those of Beberibe are Barriers Group.

The Barrier Group consists of continental sedimentary material composed of terrigenous fine to coarse sands, gravels and clays tone reddish gray, purple and yellow

The estimated age cliffs are of the Miocene Period to Pleistocene Period are lower, i.e., formed between 23 and 1.8 million years ago.

Internally, these deposits are organized into inclined strata that are truncated, parallel blades or without visible organization, generated by alluvial fans in conditions of arid to semi arid climate.

In the cliffs, the erosion gully effect caused by rainwater and the erosive advance of the sea exposes the layers with different compositions - and therefore - different colours forming a unique contrast.

Within the maze of cliffs - Morro Branco, CE - Brazil

Top of the Cliff – Morro Branco (in English White Hill) - Beberibe, CE