Holds 4 quarts ?

“Wooden. 15 inches diameter. Holds 4 quarts. 2 lbs.” This is an advertisement about a kind of bowl. What does “Holds 4 quarts” mean ?

That is the capacity of the bowl (How much it can contain).
A quart is a unit of capacity measurement.

In the US, four quarts is a gallon (which makes sense, because “quart” comes from “quarter”), but in other English-speaking countries they use imperial gallons, which have five quarts. I don’t know why.

A quart is a little bit less than a liter.

I don’t think this is correct… As far as I know a quart is always a quarter of a gallon. The size of the gallon varies, however.

Take it from someone who often filled his car’s fuel tank in Canada before they switched to the metric system, an imperial gallon is more than four quarts. It’s about a liter more than a standard US gallon, or five quarts, as we were taught the difference in school.

Oh, if you mean that a gallon in one system is approximately five quarts in another system, then maybe (though according to my maths it’s not a very good approximation). What I meant was that each system has four of its own quarts to one of its own gallons, as far as I know.