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The following lines are those that came to me on a whim, honestly after reading an article about shortcuts to faster and easier change.

I sincerely appreciate your evaluation! How do you like it? It would be great if you let me know about my writing errors.

Have you ever wanted to become a superior in something? Me? Definitely yes. To me it seems obvious for humans to be interested in everything because they hold attractions and draw attentions to themselves like a magnet. I have found myself such kind of person who is easily attracted to everything however; things that their attractive aspects remain forever in my mind are quite a few. For example, it has been a long time since my participation in English training courses and admission to university in computer engineering that I have had a close interaction with English written materials. As time passed, I become more and more interested in English language so that I can have the ability to read, write, listen and speak like a native English man. This was principally due to its being international language! How overwhelmed you may get whenever or wherever you go somewhere to find solutions for your problems and recognize how easily you can have them in English. Furthermore, I have just decided to continue my higher education in PhD program at an English speaking country. Therefore, I am supposed to meet some university admission requirements. As an item, having TOEFL or IELTS certificate is listed in the admission requirements. Thus, there is no way to skip this and I have to get one of those certificates. This is acting like a motive for me.
Anyway, incentives play an incredibly significant role in achieving something. You need to make efforts and stay tempted by making motivations and incentives in case you lose your volition and interest in them. One of my plans to do so is to imagine my future self. How successful I can become and more specifically how job opportunities rush into my life are of those situations that I usually think about. I believe not all previously prescribed plans and motivations work for all people the same. Furthermore, I believe that everyone must be creative and realize what encourage them the best. More specifically, thinking about future self, the way I motivate myself, may sound quite boring and having no use for others. Even it might be thought of a real waste of time. Therefore, the process is time consuming and brainstorming for it needs a real self awareness. So, feel comfortable to set aside some time to truly, clearly think about yourself with a criticizing look. Engrave your personality and character and find out more about yourself. It is likely to figure out what has been your interest might have replaced something else.

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a science class

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