Hi, whats up! I am Chandralekha from India. I really appreciate your effort...

Hi ,
I am Chandralekha from India.I really appreciate your effort to help peolpe like me learn English. Its simply great. Have you ever been to India?India has got 31 states and 1618 regional languages!Though our national language is Hindi but I ought to learn English as English has been treated as our official language after Hindi.And even though Hindi is widely spoken in India but in many places people don’t understand Hindi, so English is the only common language.
You may be surprsed to know that in my country English is required everywher; like if you dont speak (and write) quality English you won’t be able to get the best job however talented you may be (thats what i feel).
My english level is not at the par with my bosses or friends. Honestly i would like to improve my english so that i can express anything and everything under the sun in English as comfortably as i do in my mother tongue.And i have been trying this for quite a few years but still feel at very grass root level. But i must admit that learning English through your forum is quite enjoyable experience.Thanks a bunch for makeng my journey (i.e., learning English) so comfortable.
Hope am not boring you. I would like to know more about you. I suppose you are form England.Hummm a lovely country.Recently i read books named August and I Will Go to Bed at Noon. Both by the same author but cant recall his name and interrelated.Set in 70’s books tell ups and downs of an English family. Its touchy and funny too! I really felt sad when Janus (younger) died in the 2nd part.
Have you read any book wrtten by an Indian author?
OK enough for now. Do write to me. And please let me know what you think about my English (i am quaite sure you would find it full of mistakes and uninteresting , eventhough want to know about it)

Warm Regards

Using I and England would be an immediate improvement.

Essay was pretty good. Few errors, but nothing untoward.


Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Good to know that you found my essay ok.Could you do me a favour? Could you pls correct all the mistakes I made in my posts? As you know I am really keen to learn English.

Thanks again for your help!


No problem my friend, but keep them to a minimum if you can. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Chandralekha,

You can correct many of your mistakes yourself if you manage to change some of your writing and typing habits. For more information, please read How can I improve my writing skills?

Many thanks,

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Chandralekha my friend, as Torsten has already pointed out; Good habits take the same developing as bad habits. Your English is pretty good. Just remember ( i ) and E, and your work will already begin to look a darned sight better.

Take care. Kitosdad.

Hi Chandralekha,
I am also from india… how are you?

Just i would like to introduce myself to this forum. really we have to thank for having such a forum to improve english. what ever doubts we have, we can post it and get solutions from different peoples from all over the world. so thru that we can learn more also.

i am also trying to improve my english…
Can anyone tell me how to improve english knowledge? i mean that… in what way to practice gaining more vocabulary and improving written english.