Hi to everyone from Shreyas Nayak

Hello to everyone,

I am Shreyas nayak from India. I have joined this course to become fluent English speaker & listener too. I can understand English perfectly while I am reading but not able to speak fluently & also can not understand English (listening) when I see English movie (Which really hurts me because I am fond of English sci-fi movies).I don’t understand whats problem with me. I hope by entering into this site I can solve my biggest problem of speaking & listening.

Thanks a lot for your hard & good effort.

Hi Shreyas,

Welcome to this forum! :slight_smile:

You know you are not the only one who has a problem with listening. I have difficulties with understanding listening too:( Though, I can understand English perfectly while reading like you.
I think the best way to solve this problem is to have a practice with someone,better with a native speaker. It will help to improve both speaking and listening skills.

Best wishes,