Hi there... I am from Brazil... my name is Enilson

Hello everyone… my name is Enilson, I´m from Brazil and I´m here for improve my English as the most people here…so…If somebody wants talk with me then add me in msn : only.vip@live.com
I see you later.

Hi Enilson, welcome. So why are you studying English?Work?Hobby?

Hi Boke… i´m studying for work…I´m sergeant of Brazilian´s Army…so I wanna in future, get a mission in another countries, You know…how about you?

I have added you in my email

Nice to meet all of you.
I hope to talk to you soon.
I already added you as my friend.

This is my e-mail address "muknuj@hotmail.com"

Have a nice day

Hi! everyone ! Im linda and Im new here, im from prishtina, i finished biology now Im in master.
hopping to lisen from you soon.
have a nice day!

Okay…i have added you too

Hi Muknuj…I have added you in my msn…I see you later

Brazil is a nice country. i hope to have a trip to Brazil in the future. if i come to Brazil, will you accept me as your guest?