Hi the English-speeking World! I'm newby Daneel.

I’m Daneel. I live at the South Federal District, Russian. Since early
childhood I haven’t been got with English. Maybe I didn’t have enough
the brain to study it. The humanities go long to my head. Conceivably
English was badly taught in my school. When I finished my school I
hated this subject any more and completely knew nothing about it.

My aptitudes and interest have been appeared for other area -
computers and programming. Before university I have learnt several
computer languages, have picked up with the OS Linux and the
principals of program software whit open sources without assistance.

I’m now graduated in Don State Technical University already fourth year.
Also I study some themes independently, because they miss into the
university course. Than more I worked in this sphere then more I have
been recognized myself it need to learn English.

I have seen the English science literature is best, more modern and
more rich than one of my language. Many people which speak English
solve identical problems as I. Therefore they can share themselves
their experience with me. Here I mean mail lists (Usenet).

I hardly learn English now. Few words are about me. I like the ideas
of the GNU movement and projective systems (not procedural). I
had completely passed to the Linux platform two years ago. It was very
difficultly. Nobody from my friends didn’t use it. Only now two my
buddies try to use it. I was isolated from the world Linux community.

Only my pipe of a conversation is Internet, but I have very weak
English. I haven’t still friends serious programming for the Linux
platform. I dream to become a member of some group of OpenSource’s

My device - To strive for self-improving and studying new technologies
that writing of a program takes the rest of it.
So that I try to learn and to use outstanding technologies which are
concerned of a majority of programmers as perversion’s.
My favorite languages are Lisp, Haskell and Perl. I type my code by Emacs and
make my reports by LaTeX.

I’ll be happy to speak with everybody for any theme.

This is my email rt0fm.rt0fm.rt0fm.@gmail.com (remove all digits from
the address) and my jabber daneel@jabber.ru.