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Billions of dollars go into space exploration projects every year. Some people feel that this money should be used to solve problems on earth. Discuss reasons supporting both opinions. State and support your opinion.

Not only humans get aged, but also earth. Like any other planet, earth has an age and it will die out eventually. Like human being, many factors effect earth’s age. Because of that, lots of money is contributed to scientists to help them find alternative places for living… However, some people think that this money should be used in fixing earth instead of using it for space matters while others disagree with them. Both opinions should be considered deeply.

 It is inevitable that earth will die out in some point of time. It has been existed since a long time. Besides, there are many factors assist in reducing earth's age. One primary factor is the advancement in technology. Cars, for example, emit dangerous gases to the atmosphere. These gases contribute in the expanding of the hole of ozone layer. As a result, the harmful sunlight can easily reach the earth causing what so-called the global warming which effect all the creatures negatively. However, not only cars emit toxic gases, but also factories and other sources. Hence, an alternative source for living is needed to be found. Unfortunately, it can't be found easily. Lots of money is required in order to help scientists explore and search for good resources for living.

 Although many factors contribute in the aging process of earth, they can be avoided by reducing the damage they cause it. Unfortunately, that's cannot be happened without a huge amount of money. Lots of people think that instead of spending money to find other sources of living, why not to do it on earth itself? It is saver and less risky. So they started to figure out ways to reform it and to reduce the damages. For example, a new car has been invented recently. Unlike the usual car, it doesn't emit toxic gases. It works by electricity by plugging it and then recharging it. This invention alone reduced the damage efficiently. 

To conclude, I think that spending money on the earth itself is better than using it to find other source of living in space. It takes less time, less effort and less money and above all it is safer. Also, in order to reduce damage and find solutions, the world should cooperate and work together. After all, we live in the same place.

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