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A universal language should replace all languages.Discuss advantages and disadvantages.

There is an opinion that “A universal language should replace all languages”. I agree with this opinion and while there are some advantages of this, it will also have disadvantages. 
   If the universal language replace the all languages, the people all over the world will understand each other. The country will not matter in this situation. Everyone will know what the other person says, however they are from different countries. The people will travel wherever they want without language problem. They will not need to learn some languages to travel some countries. They can meet other people from various countries and speak with them. They can move to another country, find work and live easily. Secondly, there will not language discrimination among the people. Nowadays, for example, in my country Azerbaijan who speaks  Russian is considered to have privilege over people who speaks Azerbaijani language. Even who know Azerbaijan language they speak Russian in order to be seen as elite person. So, the universal language will eliminate this discrimination among the languages. Thirdly, the universal language will contribute to the world to make development. Nowadays, many people are learning different languages and spent years on them. If the universal replace the all languages, those people will learn other useful skills and can contribute to the world in other fields, such as engineering, chemistry ,agriculture etc.
 On the other hand, there will certainly be some disadvantages of the universal language. Firstly, the universal language threats the other languages. There will be some disagreement for this language. They will not agree their language to disappear. It can also cause their culture to disappear either. If all people will speak in one language, one day other languages will not be understood. All people will speak only in one language. Consequently, valuable books, writings will not be understood by people .They will be translated into the universal language somehow but this translation may not carry real meaning of those books. Secondly, there are many people that love their language and wouldn’t like to speak another language. Finally, some people will not able to learn the universal language because of some reasons. Some are used to speak in their own languages, some are lazy, some will not have time etc.
   The universal language is the subject to debate and the decision about it can not be made immediately. In my opinion, it is natural process that if there will be need for this language, it will replace all languages by itself. 

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Hi Omar, I think you have done a good job with this essay. Your structure is pretty clear, though in your last body paragraph you might have reduced the discussion of your first point so you could flesh out your last two reasons. I thought your introduction was too short, you could add some general statements about language. The introduction is not as important as the body paragraphs, but it should still be a little longer than this. Your writing is understandable, though you do have some errors in some of your sentence structures, along with some grammatical errors and word choices that could be improved. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.