Hi! Nice to know you all :)

I’m here to improve my English skills… I’ve been learning English since I was in primary school, but I find it difficult to advanced my English.
I try to find new friends from another country, to help me practice English hehe… you can add me in your ym: me_myself_lydia2@yahoo.com

sorry for any writing mistakes I might made xP

Hello dear!
How is it going?
I hope you accept me as the first visitor of your forum. I am sure we can help each other, every one of those who post in these forums have some strong and weak points that we can learn from the positives and assist to improve the weak points.

Hi everybody!
I’m Pheaktra. I’m from Cambodia. English is my second Language.
I’m here to improve my English too. I want to know lots of people around the world and also need their help to improve my English.
Here is my e-mail address: phalpheaktra@gmail.com

Hope you all send me a small note.

Hello all,

I hope we can be a good friend here while learning an english…


Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
Yeah I really agree with what you write, people have their own strong and weak points when they practicing their English.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Lydia, I live in Indonesia. How long have you been joining this forum?

Nice to know you, have a good day!