Hi, newbie here!


Hello everyone,

Hi, I’m John Stuart, happy to have found this forum and become part of it. Hope to have a good exchange of thoughts and conversation.

Hope to see you around. =)


John Stuart


Hi John,

Welcome to forum…!! Happy to hear from you again.



Hello John Stuart, I am a new member too. This is the best site where you can improve your English and make a lot of friends.

With best regards


Hello Johnstuart0001
Im newbie too. How are you and where are you from? Im from republic of georgia. I try to improve my english sueing this site. And I hope you help me. :slight_smile:


Very international this forum, I like it.


Hello, Salibali. I think here moderators can help you because they are experts. But if we can help you we will be grateful to share our ideas with you.
THanks a lot


Ya, I know and Ihope it is so.

Most of all, I want to improve my speaking, thats my problem. In my opinion, the best way to speak well, is to communicate with english speakers. Dont you think so? I`m purposed to open a new topic, where I can gather people, interested in live communication. We can also choose topics to speak about.


hi, Salibali
ok, it would be great. And when are you going to add new thread? If you put send me the name of the topic. I am looking forward your answer.



Hi all

my name is Danish Wakil from pakistan
I try to improve my english, I hope you help me


I`ve already posted a new topic “chatmates wanted”. So you can visit it and write your idea.


I just read your messages and I’m looking forward to be friends with you guys! If you need some help, you can count on me. This forum can really help anyone who’s interested to learn=)