Hi, Newbie Here. My name is Christain Cotoco, I'm from the Philippines.

Hi My name is Christain Cotoco, I’m from the Philippines. I stumbled on this site while looking for an online English tutorial. This will be my first time to join a English forum dedicated for the learning of English. Please help me in my lessons.

Thank you.

welcome, I’m a new member too. I will take toefl exam and i practice in this forum. it’s very useful

Hi Christian welcome to the site, what kind of online English tutorial were you looking for?

@cidcaller what is a toefl exam??

@Boke - its Christain ahehe, most people misspell my name. Actually I have no idea yet, so to be safe I’m back to basics.


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Hi Smathi, I appreciate your invitation but don’t you think that right now is a little dangerous considering the whole yellow/red shirt thing going on?