Hi! My name is Silva and I am from Russia! Thank you for this course!

Hello everybody! My name is Silva and I am from Russia! Thank you for this course! I am really happy to join you! But franckly speaking I have a problem! I can’t listen to anything! :cry: Can you help me? I will be very grateful! :smiley:

Hi sulvamarkaryan,

Welcome to ESL forum!

I think there is no short cut to get the fluency of speaking English. Let see everything other people say and try to understand and answer them as soon as you can, I guarantee that you will get your goals.

Good luck!


Hi Silva,

What do you mean by “I can’t listen to anything”? Do you mean you can’t listen to the radio or an audio book or is that you can’t open our MP3 files?


TOEIC listening, photographs: On an escalator[YSaerTTEW443543]

No, I think she means that she can not understand what the native English say.

you know that I haven’t listened to it yet! May be it is a system error…But I’ll try to do it again! Because I really want to listen to english native speakers!

It is impossible!!! I tried several times “listen to introduction”!!! But…it was written in Russian that Internet Explorer can’t open this page…:’-(

Hi silvamarkaryan,

Do you use Window Media Player? If you use it, this link: Listen to introduction is autostart with Window Media Player. If you don’t use it, you can download that link above to hear offline. It’s very simple: right click this link: Listen to introduction and chose “Save Target as…”.

Did you try this way?

See you soon.

Hi!!! Thank you very much! :smiley: It was really easy and very useful!!!


What do you know about Vietnam?. I wish you come and share what you think about Vietnam !
See you soon!