Hi, My name is Mahmoud, i'm 25 year old, living in JORDAN

Dear All,

Many kind regards for you all for this wunderfull place that we can all take the penefit of english language from other people who have the experiance in it.

My name is Mahmoud, i’m 25 year old, living in JORDAN,
(It’s a small country but it’s big its people). I’m an accountant.

English is my second language, I can speak or do a conversation in english language (I can manage myself), but I know that i have problem in grammer, spilling words, my vacabulary is not big but i can discribe it as nice.

I red your lessons for begginer till the sixth unit. it was interesting but i think my skills or my level in english are higher than that(I felt like that), maybe that thing is not right to meature myself so i’ll contenue reading that lessons as a review and as a practice. but after that what is my next step.

thank you all

Hi Mahmoud
and Al-Salaam Alikom

Nice to see you here my neighbor :smiley: :smiley:
and a big [color=orange][size=150]Greeting[/size] for you , and be sure that you’ll find here many things which help you to improve your language skills .
anyway , you will meet here many kinds of cultures from all over the world or in the different meaning " mixed cultures " ,so , I’m sure you will enjoy so much .
by the way , Is the weather in Jordan SO HOT as Syria’s weather ?..and where do you live exactly in Jordan ? 8)
Amman , Al-Baqaa , Irbid …
my aunt lives in Amman
Best wishes


Welcome to ESL forum… :smiley:

Al Salaam Alikum

Thank you for your greetings, and i’m so glad that you are first one who sent me the reply.
for your questions the weather here like Syria but we are near of the desert; this as you know will make a lettle bit small deference.
I live in Amman because of my work :slight_smile: ; but my family live in :slight_smile: Irbid :smiley: , and at the weekend i go back to Irbid to see my family and freinds, what about you? :?: :?: What is your name? and where do you live there in :slight_smile: Syria. :slight_smile: ?

Best Regards

Welcome from FangFang!
I study Accounting ,too. You can take some business tests here , they are helpful for your English study ,too. :wink:

Hello Mkhraim !

That would be very nice of you to join in this discussion forum. You come from quite a long way from Jordan. Could you please tell me where exactly it is located? Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi Fang,
That’s an incidental luck that you both learn the same subject, accounting. I was wondering if you will share ideas about it here. :smiley:

Have fun.

Mahmoud form one of names our prophet mohammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم)

So you have the best name in the world…

Welcome my brother and I’m very glad to know you here.:wink:

you know my brother Mahmoud Ramadan is coming soon…So happy ramadan to you and to all people.

talk to me soon.


Hi, Rosalisa. Accounting , to be honest, isn’t so interesting as English . If you can’t dig much fun from this “boring” subject you will feel frustrated soon. I have been “tortured” by it for a long time. Thank Godness , it isn’t my all life, I study other interesting courses, like Finance :!: , Economy :!: and so on. :lol:

Hi There

Thank you all for your greetings and RAMADAN MUBARAK for you Dark magician and to all people.

Wa Alikum Al-Salaam :smiley: :smiley:
and RAMADAN MUBARAK too… :smiley:

Do you know that friend …
you are the first one who asked me about my real name …
I promise I will give you it , but at first , I’ll give you the meaning of my real name ,The meaning of my real name is " the brave man " or " hero " …or the same meaning of " Hercules " name …

So , can you guess it ??

By the way , there are two members know it here, and I think that they will be three …or more … :roll: :smiley:

:smiley: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Salaam Mahmoud

What is the latest news about your country’s preparation for Ramadan month??

Do your markets fill by many kinds of goods and sweets and " special Ramdan meals " ?
I mean , If you visit my country Syria , you will see our markets full and active .
and of course most of people are preparing their souls for that great occasion …


Dear Hercules,

How are you my neighbour? for me I’m find.
and about the month of Ramadan; Here in Jordan are the same in Syria the same in every Arab or even islamic countries. I’m telling you that because i have some freinds from deferent islamic countries such as Indoniesia, India, Malisia, and Turkia and they said the same about this phenomenon. I think this phenomenon is the reson of high prices, High demand with the same supply level with some unkind merchants.
By the way we have a vary similar cultural and historical traditions and habits, even food and sweets specially in RAMADAN.

ABOUT your name I think is … guess what??! Smart answer with vary nice name meaning. :idea: :slight_smile: my freind.

[size=200][color=red]Eid Mubarak [/size] :smiley:

Best wishes for you :o

Happy holiday :wink:


Nice to have you here mkhraim :slight_smile: