Hi! My name is Inkyu. I'm from South Korea.

Hi. My name is Inkyu
I’m 18 years old and I live Seoul, South Korea.

I have learned english over 8 years in school. But my english is very bad
( I have not talked to foreigner… :cry: )

I want to improve my English in here.

thank you to read it. :smiley:

welcome to this site…
It will help you to raise your grade in English.

hay Inkyu

how are you?
my name is jessy, i am from germany…

Hi Inkyu, I’m Rachel from Malaysia. Nice to meet you here :slight_smile:
Here is definately a place for your to improve your English!! Keep it up~

Hi Inkyu! Let chat. You may add me in your Yahoo Messenger acoount: comaneci_joel.

Hope to talk with you!