Hi, my name is Diana. I'm from Bolivia...

Hi, my name is Diana. I’m from Bolivia. My mother tongue is Spanish but I enjoy learning other languages and knowing people from other countries.

Hello, Diana. I’m Wendy from China. Glad to meet you!
Best wishes!

Hi Wendy, nice to meet you too. I learned your country is really interesting. People are very nice and intelligent. I hope you enjoy learning English. :slight_smile:

Hi girls, my name is Sergio I am from Costa Rica and
also I like learning English and at the same time meet new people.

bye bye

I’m glad to here that. :slight_smile:
I can tell you more about my country if you want to.=-]

Hello Wendy,

You are glad to hear that…

here - this place.
hear - related to listening/hearing.

Oh I’m sorry and thank you for pointing out.
But I have to say that it was just a spelling mistake out of carelessness…

That’s fine. We all make those from time to time. I understand that well enough from my own experience.