Hi My best teacher Torsten

Dear MR Torsten
How are you?
I sent to you concern the record but I did see response for that. And also I want to make exam with you online if is possible . Because I want your certifict.

Dear Sylla,

Many thanks for your question. You can get a certificate after you complete at least 100 our online tests and record three voice messages on the forum.

Many thanks,

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Dear Torston,

How are you…! As per your word in the above post, I have already done more tests and recorded more voice messages. Where is my certificate from you…? What is the procedure to get it. Please let us know.

Thanks and regards…

Dear Torston,
Hi , I have a problem with using the forum. I can’t use the forum properly ,please informe me, for instance, when I wrote a question , how should I get The answer?
Thank you

Fereshteh, you will only receive an answer when someone replies to your question.

No response… no answer.

Hello, Kitostad,

I am The French, I have two questions:

I would like to know what is this certificate, who these people are talking?

I try to manage on this site, I try to find exercises to improuve my English, but the first tests are about Simple Present, where can I find exercices about Simple past or another grammar texts more hard.

Correct me if I made mistake, Thank.

Thank for your reply.


There are elementary, intermediate, and advanced tests as you see below:

If you want more difficult tests, take advanced ones.

: o)

HTF, thanks for replying to that question. I have completely missed this thread for quite a while.


Think nothing of it. :wink:

: o)