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Pollution of our oceans is a serious problem. There are different sources of ocean pollution, and much of it results from activities that take place on land. In fact, 80% ocean pollution originates on land. For exam, oil is one of the major sources of ocean pollution, but only about 12% of this type of pollution results from oil spills at sea. Another 36% of it comes from waste from cities and factories which travels to the ocean through rivers and drains.
Fertilizers are another serious source of ocean pollution. Fertilizers wash off farms and lawns and eventually end up in the ocean. Once in the ocean, they allow algae to grow. The overgrowth of algae depletes the ocean of oxygen and suffocates other marine plants, resulting in dead areas. There are several large dead areas in the world’s oceans, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Baltic Sea.
Garbage is another type of pollution in our oceans, and it can seriously harm marine animals. One of the worst culprits is plastic. This material does not break down easily. Animals often mistake it for food and eat it. Plastic bags can block an animal’s breathing passage. The plastic rings that hold packs of cans togerther can choke birds and other small animals.
Toxic chemicals also cause serious pollution problems. Until the 1970s, toxic waste chemicals were freely dumped into the oceans. In the 1970s, laws were passed banning such activity. However, run-off from manufacturing and disposal sites as well as accident leaks continue to pollute our oceans with toxic chemicals. These chemicals accumulate in the animals that ingest them and move up the food chain. They eventually end up in the seafood that we eat.

I have to admit that the listening is not divided into specific points relating to key points of the passage so I wrote the essay with 2 parts of reading and listening which I catched up.

Here is My Response.

While the reading talks about main sources of ocean pollution and their serious impacts on marine plants, heath of animals and people, the lecturer supports that by giving a research which proves harmful effects of plastic garbage on oceans.
The passage asserts that activities on land importantly contribute to damage aquatic environment. First of all, cities and factories annually discharge a large amount of oil which goes with rivers’ flows and drains to pollute oceans. Also, ecosystem of the ocean is negetively influenced by fertilizers nurturing excessively algae. This reduces the ocean of oxygen and leads marine plants to death. Thirdly, garbage especially plastic garbage exerts disastrous effects on a lot of sea animals. More particularly, animals would be died when they ingest this material. Plastic bags can make an animal breathless while plastic rings can take down birds or other small animals. Finally, toxic chemicals pouring into oceans are vastly reserved into sea species. Consequently, people could face up with disease when eating them.
In the listening, the professor clarifies harm of plastic garbage. To begin with, she indicates that after plastic bags and bottles are used, they are dumped and become waste, then big storms bring them to oceans. It is slow to break down them so this creates dangers for marine species. More specifically, sea animals die because of swallowing plastic bags, which look like jelly fishes. Detecting tiny parts of them bags on stomaches of the deads is very common. Furthermore, plastic rings is also dangerous traps to sea birds. The professor claims that estimated ten thousands sea animals are killed by plastic garbage, while a million birds are victims of those traps each year

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Hi, this essay is very good. I am not sure how useful it is to practice with these types of questions though, because in the actual test the lecture will always contradict the reading and generally the three points of contention will be pretty clear.

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A friend of mine who took TOEFL test, 1 year ago also shared that the listening is always contradict to the reading in clear points.
I don’t make sure the question I wrote lie in whether How To master skill or Barron’s but I’ve faced the type of questions many times when practicing in Barron’s and my toefl class… and my teacher adviced that it’s better to organize essays like I did if meeting ambiguous lectures
In my opinion, I agree with you that this type is not essential to practice