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do you agree that the place you choose to live has greater effect on the overall happiness than the job you choose.

Owning an interesting job which can bring a large sum of money seems to be appealing to everybody, and thus some people would like to say that their jobs have more influence on the happiness of their lives. However, in my opinion, compared with my job, the place where I live has greater impact on three most important aspects of my life - health, relaxation and hobbies. Thus it is my considered opinion that it has more effect on the overall happiness of my whole life.

First, compared with my work, living in a place of bad environment such as Beijing has more impact on my health, which is the most important part of the overall happiness of my life. Granted, choosing an intriguing job which enables me to afford a big house, a super car and a swimming pool affect the living standard of my life much. However, what matters most to me is not the quality of material life but a strong body and happy mood, which is the prerequisite of my happiness. Thus, the place I live has greater effect on the overall happiness than the job I have. If I am living in a city which has serene skies and clean air, temperate climate and numerous flowers and trees, maybe I can live ten years longer.
In addition, living in a comfortable and quiet place influences more on my rest time and this is the second important aspect of my overall happiness. Assuming that I have a great job in a company in the down town area, I will not choose to live in a department near the company in order to save some time commuting to work. The reason is, living in a down town area like New York City, the noise day and night will drive me crazy. In terms of the influence on my personal time, which takes up more than half of my life, the place I live in has greater effect, thus, I believe the job I choose is not of as much effect on my happiness as it is.
Last but not the least, the place I live in bringing more friends to me is another essential reason. For example, I am a super fan of photography. Living in a neighborhood which is special for photography lovers gives me so much happiness in my life since I find many companions who also love taking photos. We share our works and various photographic skills with each other. We travel and exploit some new fantastic spots for photography together. However, the work I do has less effect on my happiness in terms of the development of my hobby for the reason that it is hardly possible for me to meet that many friends who share the same hobby with me no matter what kind of job related to my major I choose.
All in all, considering that the place I choose to live in has more effect on the happiness of my whole life in those three extremely important aspects, I definitely think it affects the overall happiness more than the job I choose.

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Hi Vivian, another outstanding essay! As always, I enjoy reading your detailed examples and your writing is interesting and convincing. You did have a few minor errors in usage and some phrases that could have been phrased a little more clearly or effectively. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.