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Topic 27. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should sometimes do thing that they do not enjoy doing.

Doing thing which we enjoy doing is very exciting. Of course it is relatively straightforward to gain successful. However, in my opinion, sometimes we should try to do thing that we do not enjoy doing as the following reasons.

Firstly, doing thing, which we do not like to do, will help us to gain amazing experiences. In case of my brother is an outstanding example, he does not like to play tennis. He himself shows his passion in football. It became hard for him when his boss asked him to become a representative of his company to compete with members other companies. At first, he felt tired and wanted to give up. Nevertheless, with the encouragement of his colleagues, he tried his best to practice playing tennis. As a result, he defeated other competitors and won the victory. He received much compliments from his boss and friends. Moreover, an important thing is he knows how to play tennis and how to fight obstacles to have the win moment. 

Secondly, it also gives me a chance to broaden my knowledge. In high school I hated to learn Chinese because it was very complicated to write and remember its meaning. However, after a short journey to China, I could understand nothing what local people said, and then I decided I had to learn Chinese.  I spent much time on learning how to spell, read and write correctly each word. Now, I can read and write Chinese well. I can understand what Chinese people say.  In addition to listening to Chinese radio that helps me get much information about something that is happening around us. Reading Chinese books such as history, novels that bestow on my chance to enrich my knowledge. 

Last but not least, doing something which we do not like doing will be a crucial opportunity for us to show off our abilities. In my point of view, if we only do thing that we like, some may say we can do nothing besides it. What’s more, we will receive much compliment and admiration from others if we can do something which we do not like and the other think we can not do it. My best friend in high school is a case of point, at that time she was known as a singer of our school. In the day of fifteenth year’s school foundation celebration, she registered to take part in the contest “flowers arrangement”. Amazingly, she won the first prize that made all of us surprised. All people in school admired her and gave her much congratulation. 

In a word, doing thing that we do not enjoy doing sometimes becomes wonderful chances for us to gain new experiences, enrich our knowledge and prove our talents.

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Hi Tuyet, pretty good essay. I really like your vivid personal examples - they really do a good job of illustrating and supporting your points. You do have a lot of problems with “that” vs “which” - this article may be helpful: grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/wh … -that.aspx
You have a few grammatical errors and some word choices that could be improved, but in general your writing is very clear. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.

Firstly, thanks Luschen very much for your help.

Could you please tell me the difference between “write each word correctly” and “write correctly word” why I can not write :'write correctly word".

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I am not sure. I can say this:

Write each word correctly. - sounds natural
Correctly write each word. - sounds natural
Write correctly each word. - sounds unnatural

But as to exactly why, I am not sure. Maybe a good question for the grammar forum