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The title of each topic I just translated form my language, so if they have any trouble about meaning and style, please help me to correct them.

Topic 5: Talk about a recent interesting holiday.
I have gone through a wonderful holiday together with my family at Ha Long bay. We have a lot of fun times with each other.
We went there at 5 a.m. So we had a chance to see the sun rises. And then we walked along the shore. Those feelings are very fantastic.
Moreover, we also enjoyed many different kinds of sea food that are extremely delicious.
Besides, we also visited many famous places in Ha Long and we took a lot of pictures that record this travelling.
At there, we bought many souvenirs for our relatives and friends. They were pappy when receiving them that made us very happy.

Topic 6: Introduce yourself
Hi, my name is Tuyet. I am a Vietnamese literature teacher.
At the moment I am teaching at a school in my hometown.
I am married and have two lovely kids, one son and one girl.
I like shopping, playing tennis. At the weekend I and my family’s members go to supermarket to buy food, clothes, and others. Sometimes, I and my husband with our friends play tennis together.
I also like travelling, especially going to another country to discovery their culture and food.
Although I am busy with my works at school, I try my best to spend much time to take care of my family. I am very happy and pleased with my life at the moment.

Topic 7: Introduce a friend who you love
I have a lot of friends. However, Mai is my best friend among these. She is tall and beautiful. She has long black hair and a white skin. She is the same age as me. At the moment she is a nurse at a hospital in my hometown. She is very kind and dedicated in her work. She often spend her free time help others, especially, those who are alone, old and poor. Because of being busy with our works, we, sometimes, meet each other and talk about our life. I am very happy when I have a friend like her.

Topic 8. Talk about a kind of sport you like.
There are many kinds of sport. However, I only like swimming. As we know swimming is very good for our health. If we practice regularly we will have fit bodies. I remember the first day, I started to learn swim. It was very difficult to me although with some simple exercises. My coach guide d me carefully and gradually I knew how to swim. At present I can swim well and I often swim every afternoon. Because I heard on the radio, swimming can help us have perfect bodies but to reduce cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure also. Moreover, with the fresh air in the poor that bestows up on me reduces stress and enjoy a comfortable feeling after a long work hard. I really like swimming.

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