Hi Luschen. Please check my essay.

Some people like to do only what they already do well. Other people prefer to try new things and take risks. Which do you prefer?
Development is one of the most essential things in life of any community and individuals because in most cases it brings progress and make life of people easier. To see the proof of this statement it is enough to refer to historical fact. Development brought us to where we are now and made our life more progressive. Development cannot be achieved without attempting to learn, study new things. Therefore I think it is better to try new things and take risks instead of doing only things we are used to do and do it well.
While attempting to do new things, we can find some talents in us which we have never known before and it can change our entire life bringing us to another destiny. For example, one friend of mine found out that he has a good voice just because he started singing in karaoke once. All his friends and clients of the club were shocked by such performance. Then he came to vocal coach and he submitted that my friend has great vocal range and timbre. Before finding out his talent his parents wanted him to be a doctor, but he always felt that it is not appropriate profession for him. Now he found his own band and is relatively famous in his town. What is more important he feels much more happier now. So we can see just one attempt may change our entire life bringing different colors to it.

Furthermore when we do new things, we get an opportunity to get important knowledge which may really help in our life. For instance, couple years ago I decided to try hunting, and because of it I know how to live, get shelter and food in conditions of limited resources. So we can infer that trying new things make us more prepared to unexpected situations in life.

Moreover, while trying new things we usually get an opportunity to know knew people and probably find friends. It gives us new emotions, experience and also makes our life more colorful. For instance, usually when people attempt to learn new language they attend courses which consist of teacher and a group of five or ten people. Some of those people may really become important for us and we may know and learn new things from them.

When we do only things we are able to do well and do not try anything knew, we keep ourselves from progress, and loose many opportunities which can change our life. Our life is too short and I think we should not waste it by doing things we already do well.

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