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The topic is “Some think the traditional thoughts of old people are out of date. Some believe they are still of some value. Discuss both views and give your own opnion.”

With the popularization of tertiary education and the integration between domestic and foreign countries, the thoughts are changed from old traditional to the modern, which result in altering the life style. Whether these traditional concepts are outdated has become under the fire over the past decade, following people’s growing concern. The issue should be viewed and analysed from the two perspectives.

There are some backward thinking mix the traditional thoughts, such as inequality between men and women, yield to the blind matching. Before 21st century, the concept of men is superior to women is popular, as we all know, the ideology of male domination, and female subordination is handed down from feudal society. It wrongly holds that males are nobler than female. Take education for example, in the past, education was considered as a patent for boys, girls had no right to take part in, they can only stay at home to take care of babies and do some houseworks. It is quite unfair for women, we should hold the belief that all men are created equal. Therefore, this inaccurate notion should be removed. In terms of the blind matching, it is still display the disrespect on personal rights. Husband and wife are lack of mutual understanding, which leads to family disharmony and even rising the divorce rate.

Although traditional thoughts exist some outdated things, some valuable concepts are worth learning in modern society. Respect the old, take care of children and pregnancy is traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, it was handed down in all ages. Adults looking after and cultivating their children is their responsibility, similarly, when their parents grow older, offspring should regurgitation-feeding to their parents. Thanksgiving is important in nowadays. Apart from this, leading a simple life is adequate for contemporary society. According to the China daily report, more than 10% people commit suicide every year due to overloaded working stress, especially for graduates. Ancient ages, people lived lightheartedly. Simple but self-sufficient life had few people choose to commit suicide.

To sum up, it cannot be denied that traditional concepts may have some outdated thoughts. However, taking all factors into account, its valuable things carry more water. From my point of view, select the refined and discard the crude is a wise choice.

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