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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Boys and girls should attend separate schools. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Schools always play a vital role in our lives as they are the main sources that provide us knowledge and help us prepare for the future. Therefore, parents are really conscious about choosing schools for their children. While many, afraid that their children may get into serious problems at school, affirms that it is better that boys and girls attend separate schools; others are inclined to let their children study in schools that have both boys and girls. Even though both of the opinions have their own arguments, I still do not think that boys and girls should attend different schools for two main reasons.
First, boys and girls attending the same school will help increase and strengthen the diversity of their school, as in an all-girl or all-boy school, the activities and subjects will be limited. For example, my friend is studying in a all-girl school, even though the study environment is very good and there are rarely serious troubles happening, she always complain to me that their extra-curricular activities are indeed really affected. Her school only have a few clubs, so that students do not have much choices to do what they actually want. My friend has always been interested in playing sports, especially baseball; however, her school only has a soccer club and the number of attendees is actually really small. As you can see, an all-girl or all-boy school will always have some limitations and cannot compare to other schools that have both genders. While an all-girl school only has a few clubs, a boy and girl school will have various clubs and activities for students to choose. Sometimes, in those schools, boys and girls have a memorable experience competing with others in many activities.In that way, not only students will feel satisfied and comfortable, but the schools also fortify their diversity and gain more reputation.
Furthermore, boys and girls attending the same school will encourage them to be more confident and talkative. For instance, I was once studying in an all-girl secondary school. Therefore, I was always timid and afraid of talking to other boys. Then, when I went to an boys and girls high school, I got more chances to talk with more people, and gradually I felt much more comfortable communicating with boys, and became confident, believing in myself. That experience has taught me an precious lesson that when boys and girls study in the same schools, it will help them to be more confident playing and talking with others, also enhance their skills of communication.
In sum, while many may disagree with my point of view, I still strongly believe that boys and girls should attend the same school as it will increase their confidence and create a diverse environment in schools.

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