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Some people may argue that since time and energy are limited, it is impossible for someone to learn more than one skills. However, in history, we see lots of successful person, Davinci, for instance, succeeded in various fields. I believe people will do better if they acquire more than one skill.

If people acquire more than one skill, they will get a chance to combine their skills together and think out of box. For example, in film department, someone who knows music and painting will do better than others who can only operate camera. That is because these people who can write music by themselves may have a keen sense to find suitable music to express their emotion in the movie. Similarly, people who can draw well will be more capable to make their settings look great in the camera. Out of the realm of art, economics, for example, an integration of economics and mathematics will make economic models more accurate and useful to application. Thus, through a combination of different skills, people are more likely to stand out.

Moreover, as so limited job opportunities are, people are eager to make themselves appear to be capable to do anything. It is obvious that an employee will be more than happy to hire an employer who can do two jobs simultaneously. For instance, in a TV station, it is always better if a journalist can both write a report and edit his tape. So to be better prepared for a job, we should have the ability to do multitasks.

Finally, acquiring more than one skills help people find out their real interest. Some people only obtains one skill, in that way, he has no chance to try other things. What he can do is to stick to one goal and make every effort to make it happen. If he fails, he may lose his faith and ability to start over. On the contrary, if someone who skills at different things fails in one career, he may possibly finds out that his former choice is insensible and he needs to change his career path. It would be easier for him to start over again.

To sum up, more skills provide us a better opportunity to survive in this society. You will get a job more easily, do your job better and prepare yourself a back-up plan for failure.

People who argue that students should not take part-time jobs are possibly their parents, who worried about their children’s study and concern about their health. Actually, taking part-time jobs will not only help students to do better in their study but also help them obtain other abilities which will enable them to be better prepared for their future.

A lot students take part-time jobs because they want to release their parents’ burden. University tuition is usually quite expensive. To showcase their independence and maturity, students are willing to take part-time jobs and make some money.

Besides payment, some students and parents are unaware of the bonus they have gained from their work. For example, a student majors in marketing will learn something useful from her part-time job as a waitress. During her part-time work, she may learn how to communicate with customers and their preference about a kind of food. She may use it as a case in her marketing strategy assignment or even in her future work. Similarly, the ability to cooperate and lead other people is useful to most students. Through part-time work, though imperceptibly, students have obtain some abilities to better prepare for their future.

Moreover, since competition in job market is quite fierce, students have to work hard to compete for a position. What an employer is looking for is not a student who has a straight-A transcript, but a student who can handle his/her job. Working experience provide students with a chance to better understand their responsibility and makes their resumes look good. It is obvious that an employer in a consulting company will prefer a student who has been a PTA in his company. A student with former experience means that he will learn faster and save the company money to train him.

Finally, to be officially independent, a student should enter the society as early as possible. They will meet more seasoned people and learn a lot from them. These people may also be helpful to help them get a job. If lucky enough, an intern may have a chance to be promoted as an employee. Besides, after meeting different experienced people, they will form a clear mind about what kind of career path they want to pursue. I used to be a reporter trainee in a news agency. After I talked to my colleagues there, I found out this job is not what I had thought about. So I changed my major. I think it’s a sensible decision.


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Hi Bibiff, I thought your writing was pretty good, but not quite as high quality as some of your previous essays. Maybe you were writing under a tighter time constraint. In both essays, you seem to have more errors towards the end of your essays. Your ideas and content are very good though. In your execution, you had some problems with verb tenses and some incorrectly worded phrases. Overall, I would rate each essay a 4 out of 5.